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Birds N' Bees Box is, at its core, a tool for engaging others in learning opportunities about reproductive health.

We have conducted successful business-focused seminars and workshops, educating teams on menstrual cycles, consensual language and behavior, and more.

Please send your request to hello@birdsnbeesbox.com and one of our team members will respond withing 3-5 business days to set up a consultation.

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Birds N' Bees Box

Our team surveyed nearly 500 people with uteruses and found that despite 90% being of reproductive age, over one-third had never been to the gynecologist. We knew about the typical barriers to care- cost, location, physician availability- all elements of overarching issues like period poverty and low cervical cancer screening rates.

But our data showed us an underlying story of unapproachability. On top of reproductive wellness being expensive and hard to access, we were told that it was intimidating, shameful, and triggering.

We wanted to create a space where everybody with a uterus, and even those without, could access things like STD testing, contraceptives, and menstrual products without judgement or stigma. And we knew that the center of that had to be a community- one that valued inclusivity, curiosity, and transparency.

Sex education that isn’t regulated for scientific accuracy. Period products sitting in landfills for an estimated 5 centuries. Non-menstruators thinking that the sticky part of our pads go to our bodies and not our underwear.

Birds N’ Bees Box, and our Honeycomb, are our (small) answer to these big and complex problems. We’re excited to share this space with you, and welcome your questions, advice, and input.

Thanks for being here, and pollinate responsibly!

  • Sarah Hamill, Co-Founder; Partnerships and Community

  • Rebecca Grande, Co-Founder; Influencer Marketing and Honeycomb

  • Kelsey Mumford, Founding Team

  • Odera Okafor, Founding Team

  • Jacci Pinson, Creative Associate

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