Fall Movies in Every Genre & The Perfect Snack to Go With It!

Fall Movies in Every Genre & The Perfect Snack to Go With It!

By Brett Hayden, Honeycomb Contributor

I like to think of Autumn as the gateway into cozy season. As the temperature drops, I’m even more inclined than usual to snuggle up on my couch, put on my favorite movies that give all the fall vibes, and have all the comfort food snacks I can dream of. Though fall is often referred to as “spooky season,” and I happen to love a good scare, there are movies in every genre that scream “fall” without someone jumping out at you. 

Here we’ve compiled a list of movies in nearly every genre that will get you excited for the season. Sounds great, right? Well, we’ve done ya one better. We’ve also offered suggestions on the perfect snack to pair with each movie, so your cozy viewing experience can have immaculate vibes. Read on, pick your poison, and enjoy! 

Romantic Comedy

When Harry Met Sally

Where to Watch: Netflix

This classic rom-com screams fall with the picturesque changing of the seasons, the timeless fall fashion, and all around cozy vibes. This movie will make you want to book the next flight to New York this fall. When Harry Met Sally begs the question that’s been on the mind of viewers since the dawn of time: Can men and women really be just friends? Following the 10 year acquaintanceship between Harry and Sally, the two find themselves bumping into each other time and time again until they ultimately decide to start a friendship on a road trip from Chicago to New York. 

This movie will have you hooked from Sally’s iconic orgasm scene until the final credits. You’re going to want something to munch on the whole time. May we suggest a white chocolate fall snack mix? All you’ll need is rice chex, cheerios, pretzels, candy corn, and white chocolate chips. Add the first four ingredients to a bowl, melt the white chocolate, and drizzle it over your mix for a tasty treat you’ll be grabbing all night. 

Runaway Bride

Where to Watch: Disney+

No one has commitment issues quite like Maggie Carpenter. In this classic Julia Roberts tale, Maggie becomes the talk of her small-town for leaving not one, not two, but three men at the altar on her wedding day—always making a dramatic exit, of course. When a big city reporter comes to cover Maggie’s story, he learns exactly why men are quick to propose to her even with her reputation.

Having a classic rom-coms movie night would not be complete without a glass of red wine and lots of chocolate. Before sitting down to put on the Runaway Bride, head to your closest chocolate shop and grab a bundle of chocolate truffles—you certainly won’t regret it.  



Where to Watch: Prime Video

What better movie to watch during spooky season than the one named after the season’s beloved holiday? The original Halloween came out in 1978 and is still the quintessential slasher film to this day. In 2007, director/producer/writer Rob Zombie graced us with a remake just as iconic. 

Young psychopath Michael Meyers is institutionalized at just 6 years old after murdering his 17-year-old sister in cold blood on Halloween night. After spending 15 years locked up, he escapes while being transferred to a court date. He uses his newfound freedom to wreak havoc on his family members and anyone in his path. 

This movie is crazy suspenseful, so you’re going to want to be snacking the whole time. Some caramel corn would be a perfect addition to this viewing experience because you can continuously have something to grab while having the comfort of some sweetness to an otherwise bitter experience. 


Where to Watch: Netflix

It is another classic turned into remake within the last few years, and you can’t go wrong with either version. From the ever-creative mind of Stephen King comes the tale of killer clown (Is there anything more terrifying?). When kids start to go missing in their small Maine town, a brave gang of young, local outcasts must face their fears to save their community. You’ll be having nightmares about Pennywise the clown for weeks to come. 

Again, you may want to counter the spooky aspects of the film with the comfort of something sweet. Before throwing on It, whip up a batch of rice krispie treats. They’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, and the crunch will be a nice distraction from the horrors. 


Hocus Pocus 1 & 2

Where to Watch: Disney+

Fall isn’t fall with Halloween, and Halloween is nothing without the Sanderson Sisters. When Max Dennison moved to Salem, MA from Los Angeles, he didn’t realize just how into Halloween the whole town would be. After hearing the legend of three sister witches who used to terrorize the town 300 years ago, he talks his sister, Dani, and his crush, Allison, into visiting the sisters’ cottage that has since been turned into a museum on Halloween night. Legend has it, if a virgin lights the black flame candle in the cottage, the sisters will come back to life. Little did the trio know, the legend was true. Now the sisters will need to suck the lives of children in order to stay alive, and Max, Dani, Allison, and a talking cat named Binx are the only ones who can save the town. 

After many, many years (since 1993, to be exact), Disney is finally gracing us with Hocus Pocus 2, which is now available to stream on Disney+.

Whether you’re watching the original or the sequel, you’re going to want to pair this quintessential Halloween movie with an essential fall snack. That’s why we recommend picking up, or making, some caramel apples for your viewing party. 

The Addams Family

Where to Watch: Prime Video

The Addams family is basically the exact opposite of a “normal” family dynamic and life as we know it. Games focusing on pain and torture are commonplace with the little ones, their home is filled with booby traps and trap doors, and doting husband Gomez and his wife Morticia are undoubtebly in love. Their lives are kooky, eccentric, and all around fascinating—making it the perfect movie to watch in anticipation for Halloween. The Addams also have an immense fortune; one that has caught the attention of a local loan shark. In order to commandeer the fortune, she enlists the help of her son who significantly resembles Gomez’s long lost brother, Fester. Desperate to get his brother back, Gomez welcomes the imposter into their home with open arms. It becomes clear to the rest of the family that Fester is a phony, but not before it’s too late. 

While watching The Addams Family, it’s only right to be snacking on something a little out of the ordinary. We recommend you try something unique like turtle chips. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar. Start by arranging potato chips on a baking sheet. Combine caramel and cream together on the stove and drizzle the mixture onto the chips. Next, melt some chocolate and shortening together and drizzle this over your chips as well. Finally, finish by sprinkling some pecans. This is the salty/sweet combo you never knew you needed! 


Silence of the Lambs

Where to Watch: Hulu

It wouldn’t be right to get through a spooky season without hearing, “It puts the lotion on its skin,” at least once. Of course we’re talking about the most iconic psychological thriller there ever was; the one, the only, Silence of the Lambs. Young FBI Training Academy student Clarice Starling is tasked with interviewing one of the most prolific, cannibalistic serial killers behind bars known as Hannibal Lector in order to get his insights on a killer who is currently on the loose. Devious as he is, he is not willing to give up any information without receiving something from Clarice in return. 

To be honest, this movie will likely give you the “ick” and may make you not want to eat much of anything (thus the beauty of it). For this one, we recommend sticking with something easy like the ol’ faithful buttered popcorn. If you want to get really fancy, head to your local movie theater and pick up a bucket to take home with you. If you start craving something sweet with your salty snack, add in a couple dark chocolate M&M’s into the mix. 

Get Out

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Chris is finally going to meet his girlfriend Rose’s daily when she invites him to a weekend getaway. When they start acting odd towards him, he chalks it up to them learning to accept he and Rose’s interracial relationship. After some disturbing instances, though, he realizes he may be in more trouble than he could have possibly imagined. 

This one’s a nail biter, so instead of feasting on your fingers, pick up something even more delicious: Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies. That’s right, it’s finally the time of year where you can find the themed sugar cookies at any grocery store. Whether you prefer the ghost, pumpkin, monster, or a smattering of each, this will be the perfect treat to have on hand while watching Get Out. 


Practical Magic

Where to Watch: HBO Max

If autumn doesn’t make you want to hop on a broomstick, cast a spell, or join a cult, I feel bad for you. Kidding! It’s okay if you don’t want to do any of that but still want to enjoy the magic of the season. Enter: Practical Magic. Owen sisters Gillian and Sally have little left in common in their lives besides their ancestral line of witches, a family curse, and their adoration for one another. When Gillian’s deadbeat boyfriend becomes abusive, Sally doesn’t miss a beat getting to her sister. Things turn south when they accidentally kill him, and when a police officer begins growing suspicious of the women, they must use a dangerous spell to resurrect the dead man. They quickly find out that instead of bringing him back, an evil spirit threatening their family line has taken over his body. 

You’re going to want to mix up something really tasty for this one. May we suggest some sweet pumpkin pie dip? Don’t worry, it won’t take a spell to whip this treat up. Simply combine heavy cream and vanilla pudding mix with a mixer. Then, add canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice to the mixture, chill, and enjoy with ginger snaps or graham crackers.

The Craft

Where to Watch: Prime Video

If it isn’t obvious, I happen to love a story about witches. That brings me to my next suggestion for fall movie must-watches: The Craft. When Sarah starts at a new catholic prep school, she quickly befriends a group of outcasts. She soon finds out that the trio of girls practice witchcraft and, with her help, the four of them are able to curse those who have done them wrong. After seeing the repercussions of their actions, Sarah abandons their group, leaving the three others who are afflicted with dangerous power. Feeling betrayed, the girls turn on Sarah, believing that a witch who betrays her coven must be punished. 

Again, we recommend trying something a little out of the box for a viewing of this fantasy film. Our suggestion? Cinnamon-sugar pumpkin seeds. All you have to do is toss some pumpkin seeds in melted butter, coat them with cinnamon and sugar, and roast them at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. This will be the perfect treat to munch on while watching some high school girls perform curses on their wicked peers.  


Ghostbusters (2016)

Where to Watch: Prime Video

While I understand this is a hot take, and a remake is rarely better than the original, there’s something about adding Melissa McCarthy to a movie that is like the icing on top of a cake for me. Even if you can’t agree that the 2016 Ghostbusters is better than the 1984 classic, there is something to appreciate about this story. Paranormal investigator Abby Yates, physicist Erin Gilbert, engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan are an eccentric and unlikely bunch who must team up to fight an even more unlikely threat: mischevious ghosts who are terrorizing New York City. 

This is an all around enjoyable film that will have you laughing every other line. Likewise, there’s not much that brings me more joy than seeing the orange filled oreos with Halloween graphics on the shelf at my grocery store in the fall. This makes the duo a perfect combination. Enjoy this movie with a large glass of milk and some spooky oreos. 

Legally Blonde

Where to Watch: Hulu

Nothing says fall quite like back to school, and if there’s anyone whose energy I wanted to emulate each year on the first day of school, it was Elle Woods. As the iconic blonde, Elle appears to have it all. All she needs now is a proposal from her beau, Warren Huntington III. Just when she thinks he’s about to pop the question, he drops a bombshell on her by breaking up with her for being too “blonde.” In an effort to win him back, she works her way into Harvard Law School, all while in 6inch heels. 

For a snack that is Elle Woods approved, we suggest opting for a (slightly) healthier option that isn’t stingy on the flavor like caramel apple s’mores. Switch the graham crackers with a couple apple slices and drizzle with caramel and you’ll have a tasty treat everyone will enjoy. 

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