Community Highlight: Jamie Norwood, Co-Founder of STIX

Community Highlight: Jamie Norwood, Co-Founder of STIX

Birds N’ Bees Box is so grateful to STIX for contributing RESTART emergency contraception pills for our kit donation party at the Front Market

Stix is a sexual wellness and vaginal health brand dedicated to providing easy-to-access tests and treatments for people with uteruses. They offer pregnancy and PH tests, yeast infection and UTI treatments, and emergency contraception. 

The Front Market lasts four weekends (starting November 12th!) and highlights over 400 unique brands and creatives in the local ATX community. Located at Ani’s Day and Night and open from 11-5 each day, it is completely free, and both family and dog friendly.

In addition to Birds N’ Bees Box vending on the 20th, from 3-5PM our Front Market booth will become a packing hub for community donations of period and sexual health products. Our goal is set at 100 boxes, which has been made possible by contributions from brand partners like StixJemsDe Lune Care, and Champ

If you or somebody you know is interested in receiving a box, please reach out to us at Boxes will include pads, tampons, emergency contraception, condoms, pregnancy tests, and more.


Meet Jamie Norwood, Co-Founder of STIX (@getstix on Instagram). 


Tell us about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, what motivates you each day?

My name's Jamie and I'm the co-founder of Stix, a reproductive and vaginal health brand. We empower confident health decisions through at-home yeast infection, UTI, pregnancy, and emergency contraceptive care. Our Restart Donation Bank provides morning-after pills for those in need. To date, we've donated over 10,000 morning-after pills. In this political climate, it's so motivating to know we're making a difference in the lives of women!

Who are the people you connect with through your job? Your key demographic, communities you're passionate about educating or working with...

People with vaginas of all ages! We're passionate about sex education and destigmitizing sexual and vaginal health for everyone.

Why are you passionate about reproductive wellness? What about this subject is important to, or speaks to you?

I grew up in a liberal area and went to a fairly progressive public school, and we still didn't have comprehensive sex education. As I've gotten older, I've seen my friends, family, and colleagues feel confused about their sexual and reproductive health, not knowing what's going on or how to help. I feel strongly that there needs to be a space where women can go to for answers to their most personal health questions, and that's where Stix comes in.

Do you have any recent accomplishments you'd like to share? Moments that have been special, have reminded you why you do what you do, or launches we can share about?

Launching our Restart Donation Bank in response to the SCOTUS Dobbs decision was a huge moment! We made a big impact and raised over $200k in donations, and donated tens of thousands of doses of Restart to those in need.

What's one struggle you've faced working in the reproductive wellness space, and how do you work around or mitigate that problem?

Fundraising as two female founders building a product for vaginal health! Most investors are men, and women's health is super under funded, so embracing those conversations was a huge struggle at first. We've met amazing investors, though, who fully understand our mission and support what we're doing.

What's one thing you wish was included in sex education? 

Birth control options for women. I only knew about the birth control pill from TV and media, and it didn't work well for me. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I learned about IUDs and other forms of birth control.

What's one thing you wish you had known before you started having sex or being intimate with partners? 

The importance of communication. I didn't know much at all about female pleasure and I felt super awkward communicating about sex. It took a few years and finding the right partners to be able to express my desires and fully enjoy sex.

What's one thing you wish you had known before you got your first period? (if applicable)

I remember being super confused and scared when my first period came, it was super dark in color and I thought something was wrong with me because I always pictured bright red blood.
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