Community Highlight: Hannah Hutton, Co-Founder of Personal Fav

Community Highlight: Hannah Hutton, Co-Founder of Personal Fav

Hannah Hutton is the Co-Founder (alongside Stephanie Elias) of Personal Fav. 

Tell us about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, what motivates you each day?

As the co-founder of a small start up, I naturally wear a lot of different hats. At Personal Fav Co, we are allergic to ego- no task is too big or too small. One moment I am packing out an order while simultaneously posting to our social media and the next I am in a pitch meeting. Motivation wise- there is so much BS and stigma out there around sex, pleasure, who is entitled to it and who isn't, that we want to shout from the rooftops for marginalized and neglected audiences- empowering people to freely prioritize pleasure is a daily driver.

Who are the people you connect with through your job? Your key demographic, communities you're passionate about educating or working with...

My Co-Founder & I are very aware that we are cis white women and the privilege that comes with that. We are passionate about passing the mic to different demo to amplify voices that cannot be heard as much and educating all bodies on access to clean, safe pleasure.

Why are you passionate about reproductive wellness? What about this subject is important to, or speaks to you?

As women, it infuriates (while motivates) that there is so little information on our own bodies out there and that traditional education around it, is on the basis of instilling fear and shame. We channel this frustration into action. To us, small changes can have large impacts so partnering with other early stage founders trying to make a difference by writing for each others blogs, running campaigns together is so fulfilling and creates an authentic and approachable community for our audience.

Do you have any recent accomplishments you'd like to share? Moments that have been special, have reminded you why you do what you do, or launches we can share about?

We end every day telling each other we are proud of one another and make sure to celebrate mini milestones- cause this shit is hard! We just got back from a trip in NYC and we love to 'secret shop' our products in stores that carry us. We walked in to Goop on Bond St and our product was sold out! It was a total pinch me moment. We have also had some beautiful, organic customer moments. Early on when we launched, we received feedback from a trans customer in Denver who said since her transition this was the only product that made her feel sexy. Or the mom we met at the Goop Brentwood, who said our product is the only one that connects her and her husband intimately since she has been two years in remission from breast cancer not knowing the long term effects and toll the cancer would take on her body when it came to natural lubrication. This is why we work.

What's one struggle you've faced working in the reproductive wellness space, and how do you work around or mitigate that problem?

It is so interesting to us when we hear that our category is 'niche' when it genuinely impacts....everyone. With sexual wellness products specifically, it is about shifting the narrative completely. We are constantly shadowbanned on social media and flagged as 'adult content.' Tell me, why is it okay and within community guidelines for people to post confederate flags and assault rifles to their pages but a black glass bottle of lube is prohibited? Truthfully, this BS is just another motivator for us to be scrappy and clever and lean into and on our community to be transparent about what is going on. It ignites a fire within our community that deepens the relationship with our customers.

What's one thing you wish was included in sex education? 


What's one thing you wish you had known before you started having sex or being intimate with partners? 

Your pleasure is your right. Having consensual sex with mutual respect and multiple partners does not make you a slut- shed the shame.

What's one thing you wish you had known before you got your first period? (if applicable)

Do not be embarrassed if your tampon falls out of your purse! I remember I dropped a tampon in high school while a boy was asking me out to prom and I was MORTIFIED- why? Our periods make this world go round. It ain't gross, it is actually beautiful.
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