Bedside Table: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Bedside Table: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

By Elizabeth Schoenherr, Honeycomb Contributor

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Ever wonder what happens to the girlfriend left behind at the end of the Hallmark movie?

The city-girl who gets dumped for the small-town baker? Meet Nora. She’s not your average heroine to anyone but her clients and baby sister, Libby. When Libby convinces her to take a trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, Nora is forced to take a break from her life in the big city and job as a cutthroat literary agent. Unfortunately for her, the city seems to follow her everywhere, namely in the form of a tall & brooding Charlie Lastra.

Full of top-tier banter and laugh out loud wit, Book Lovers takes the cake as my new favorite rom-com.

Not often that I rate a book 5-stars, but this little beauty absolutely deserves it. Now, where can I find myself a Charlie Lastra?

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